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Certified personal trainer with more than 5 years working experience in corporate and group fitness as well as personal training settings.  Have helped over 1000 clients to reach their fitness potential and understand the importance of movement.

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Ever since I met Kotryna in 2018, she’s consistently been the most devoted and passionate trainer I’ve ever met.  You can see the joy it brings her to help each client reach their physical goals, and then some. I know she’s helped me reach mine. Whenever I need to get in shape for a film, interview, or for myself, I always contact Kotryna first.

Johnathan L, 25 Years, United States


Financial partners. Helen Sanders



We all know exercise keeps you healthy but exercising can also increase productivity in all areas of your life. Not only does exercise give you more energy and stop that afternoon fatigue slump, exercise keeps momentum and it improves mental capacity. In theory, exercise helps with ‘brain fog’.

Exercise is shown to reduce stress, combat fatigue, improve performance and lead to fewer workday absences. A natural stress reducer, exercise combats chronic stress often suffered by workers. With exercise your sleep quality also improves, thus, you wake rested and ready to tackle another day.

Moreover, exercise increases your energy capacity, every time you exercise and push your limits, your body recovers and your energy capacity is increased.

Exercise ensures proper brain function in the hippocampus region. Not only does exercise keep blood, glucose and oxygen levels high, feeding the brain, it releases endorphins into the body giving your mood a boost. Aerobic exercise is shown to change the size of the area of the brain involved in memory and learning.


Busy working professionals find it hard to fit exercise into their hectic schedules, but taking time for exercise actually increases mental acuity. Exercise truly feeds the brain, essential if you’re going to be more effective and efficient. When your brain is performing at full capacity, you focus better, concentrate more, and thus make smarter decisions.

More and more companies are allowing employees to take exercise at work. 

Studies of office workers who regularly exercise found that long sitting time at work was linked to a lower work productivity and decreased mental well-being. Employers have taken to implementing ‘sit less, move more’ offering employees time for exercise during working hours to improve work productivity.

Intelligent physical exercise training (IPET) at work was studied in Denmark with a range of occupations including dentists, office and computer workers and healthcare workers. The results showed in all jobs participants improved cardiorespiratory health and muscle strength, these health improvements, in turn, saw increased productivity and fewer lost work days through illness.

Your boss might not offer this holistic approach, or if you want to do more exercise out of work hours, knowing which exercises are best for increasing work production is key.

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