Common Questions


What types of home fitness equipment you should have?

Gym might not always be the option, but that should not be the reason why you are not reaching your goals. Its always better to have home workout session instead of skipping training therefore I recommend to purchase minimal gym equipment: elastic resistance band, long thin15kg strength resistance band, a pair of dumbbells of your choice (if you are in doubt of weight - shot me a DM!), yoga mat.

How working with personal trainer differs from working by yourself

Starting your fitness journey can be confusing, sometimes intimidating and uncomfortable. From the right posture while executing exercises, finishing to knowledge how to use your gym equipment.  However, biggest changes happens not during the training sessions, but outside of the gym - training with me you will learn why and how to ensure you are taking full care of yourself.

Working out with the trainer still seems expensive?

Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of spending big amount of your income on medicine and medical services in the future - why not to learn how to move and use your body in the right way to prevent possible occurring injuries now?